23 November 2012 @ 12:42 pm
Challenge two ; five things  
Challenge Two ; Five Things

Your Challenge Write a fic based on the five things trope. for example, five reasons x character made ice cream, five times x character got in trouble, etc. You can pick the fandom and topic!

Please remember to post warnings, and if your story is higher than pg-13 in rating, you MUST post elsewhere and link back here so people can choose to read it or not.

Post your fic here, in a comment or if you post your fic to a post, link that post here.

Points every 50 words you write is worth 5 points. (rounded down to the closest 50) the minimum words for this challenge are 250, the maximum number of points you are able to earn is 100, however you can write over the 1000 words if you want to.

How many times can this challenge be entered? you can enter this challenge up to 4 times until the due date.

Due Date March 3rd, 2013, EST 9pm.

remember! you can only earn up to 150 points per month, maximum.