19 February 2013 @ 08:00 pm
Challenge 28; Top Five  
Challenge 28; Top Five (Characters)

Your Challenge I''m probably going to do this challenge again, but with different top 5 themes, but this time it's top five characters.

Pick five of your favorite characters either in general, from one specific show or top five movie characters - you can reduce it down as much as you like if top five characters is too hard.

List your Top Five Characters & create something for each character, be it a picspam, an icon each or a fic. (or something else! anything is fine, a gif, meta on why they are you favourite, etc)
You can create one picspam or fic for all five characters if you like, as long as they are all included.

points 25 points. You can do this challenge more than once.

Due Date March 16th 9pm EST time

remember! you can only earn up to 150 points per month, maximum.