11 March 2013 @ 12:26 pm
Challenge 35; Trope of the Month  
Challenge 35; Trope of the Month

Your Challenge Make things inspired by the following trope:

Badass Bookworm, This character is a quiet smart guy or girl who is physically unimposing and soft-spoken, but with Hidden Depths of formidable physical and practical skills.

the trope page for more info

Some examples include Daniel Jackson, Rodney McKay, Indiana Jones, Spock, Helen Magnus Peter Parker, Belle, Toshiko Sato

Use as many fandoms as you like. Feel free to post to [community profile] theoaktree or your journal and link here.

Points You can earn up to 25 points a post for this challenge. The points are calculated using the following guide:

Recs (fic, icons, art, meta posts, fanmixes etc) 1 point each
Self made icons 5 point each
Writing (meta or fic by you) 5 points per 50 words
something bigger made by you (eg a minifanmix, piece of art, etc) 10 points

Due Date April 9th, 2013, EST 9pm.

remember! you can only earn up to 150 points per month, maximum.