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everythingshiny ([personal profile] everythingshiny) wrote in [community profile] theaviary2013-05-10 01:51 pm


You'll probably note that it's May. Quite a bit into May, actually. When i closed this comm, I was rather set on making sure i did ~something with it after a month off in april, but then what i've fondly come to refer to the great computer apocolypse of 2013 happened aka my computer died, and i never really got around to sorting it out.

My question is this, Are you interested in anything happening here, and if so what sort of things drew you into this comm in the first place. I'll admit that icons are really my strong point and i love seeing more icon-related comms/stuff since writing comms seem to be easy to find.

However, I dunno i'm willing to do something if there is an audience (and sadly, a handful of people don't make running a comm like this worthwhile...)

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