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hi guys!

I come with both good news and bad, firstly i've decided to put [community profile] theaviary on a little hiatus. Things are pretty busy with me & this comm is a lot of work. This will be for the month of April, but i'm not 100% sure things will be the same when i come back.

I know its always rough when a mod packs it in, but i do hope to ressurect this comm as ~something in the future. I think mostly the team comms are pretty quiet and it might be better to do things a little differently.

HOWEVER i don't want you to be bored, so i'm matching this up with a NEW comm that has opened, that is a little more organised and refined than this one - but with the same concept this comm is based on. I'm going to be hopefully harrassing the lovely [personal profile] digitaldesigner to take some of the open challenges too :D

DW: info | sign ups
LJ: info | sign ups

So please please please consider joining there, and checking that out while we take a short break over April. Results WILL be up for the month of march and there might be 1 or 2 more challenges. You're also welcome to continue to do challenges if you want - just be aware your points might be a little meaningless :D

ARGH this post is tl;dr now, so feel free to ask questions in the comments/tell me how you feel.

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