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everythingshiny ([personal profile] everythingshiny) wrote in [community profile] theaviary2013-03-18 09:17 am
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sunday social?

I just wanted to say i'm sorry, i've dropped the ball a little around here & there aren't as many challenges up as should be. I've had the flu and been a bit out of it for like a week.

I hope to have something new up today, and meanwhile, enjoy having extra time to get some of the long-term challenges done!! open challenges!

I know its not saturday, but do spam the comments. That'd be great

reminders ; closing this week
Short term Challenges
Challenge 018: Icon Techniques March 23rd, 2013, EST 9pm | 30 points

tell me, how is your weekend going? what's happening around Dreamwidth? :D

Hope you are having a great day, Aviary members

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