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Challenge 33; Lovesong

Participants : alorarose, anaraine, crazed_delusion, cyanne, d_willims, daphnie_1, digitaldesigner, entwashian, larmay, licklesoxy, mierke, skieswideopen

Birds of Prey : 269
Flightless Birds : 391
Song Birds : 394

challenges finishing soon!
Challenge 032: Create a Character March 13th | 25 points
Challenge 028: Top Five (Characters) March 16th, 2013, EST 9pm. | 50 points
Challenge 033: Sudoku March 18th | 25 points

1) Skyfall
2) Take It All
3) Daydreamer
4) Rolling In The Deep
5) Chasing Pavements
6) Every Glance
7) First Love
8) Someone Like You

Fandom: Stargate

And of course this means our fandom of the month is....STARGATE.

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