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Challenge 33; Lovesong

Challenge 33; Lovesong

Your Challenge Solve the scrambled up words in the following puzzle. Each word(s) is acutally a song by adele (i know its random, i just needed a list of something ot make this work and why not Adele)

list of songs by adele

when you unscramble each of the song titles, there is a letter with a red box underneath. copy those letters in down below & you'll solve the fandom of the month :D

PUZZLE : http://i.imgur.com/ltGoxqx.png

feel free to copy this puzzle out/print it to solve it, you don't have to submit an image in your answer, just the list of titles & fandom if you'd like.

points 10 points, 1 per unscramble + 2 for fandom.

Due Date March 12th 9pm EST time

remember! you can only earn up to 150 points per month, maximum.

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