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Trading Post


By now some of you have racked up quite a few points the last two months. This post is a chance for you to offer things for more points, OR fill other people's wishes for THEIR points.

You are not gaining new points for this post, rather using the points already earned as a currency of sorts.

Create a comment with anything you would like to offer; things you're good at that doesn't have a challenge (or DOES have a challenge) which then people can buy off with their points, this can be whatever you want to do and think people would buy. eg. Tarot readings, icons, cross-stich patterns, ficlets, recipes, services rendered, etc.


Create a comment with something you want. Say how many points you're willing to give for it.

Once you've completed an exchange, comment to the COMPLETED thread & let me know if you'd now like to delete your request (if applicable) if its been filled. If you want to keep the comment for future trading, that's fine.

points given will come from your past points | check the spreadsheet
points earned will go towards your current monthly points account

CONFUSED? give me a shout at the help thread!

Wanting to buy
fic recs for [personal profile] everythingshiny 3 points each
music! for [personal profile] entwashian 10 points
vid recs for [personal profile] colls 2 points each

Wanting to sell
sig banners by [personal profile] everythingshiny 1 point each
icons by [personal profile] alorarose 5 points each
sig banners by [personal profile] digitaldesigner 1 point each
icons by [personal profile] digitaldesigner 5 points each
texutres by [personal profile] digitaldesigner 3 points each

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