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Feb Results

Congrats to Song Birds, our winning Nest for February!

Song Birds 981
Flightless Birds 855
Birds of Prey 877

Also a big Congrats to [personal profile] mierke [personal profile] anaraine [personal profile] larmay [personal profile] digitaldesigner [personal profile] facethestrange [personal profile] entwashian [personal profile] skieswideopen [personal profile] colls & [personal profile] taxcha for getting 150 points or more!!

if you would like a banner for being a top point earner, on the winning team or your point total for the month, please let me know and i'll get on that for you!

the spreadsheet has been cleaned out for now, i mucked it up big time lol spreadsheet

- all members with 0 points for this month have been removed from their nest. you can rejoin at any time
- all members with 0 points forever have been removed from the sheet. again, you can rejoin at any time.

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