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Challenge 26; Fallen Phrases is now closed.

Song Birds 901
Flightless Birds 796
Birds of Prey 792

There is ONE DAY LEFT in this month, and the following challenges end tomorrow.

Challenge 001: Rainbow Icons Due Date February 28th, 2013, EST 9pm. | worth 35 points
Challenge 008: The Zodiac February 28th, 2013, EST 9pm. | 60 points
Challenge 006: Sig Banners February 28th, 2013, EST 9pm.| unlimited points

Hardison: Everything I learned about people, I learned ringing doorbells and in a bow tie. Parker never had that. I mean, jumping from a sky scraper, she's cool. But making small talk, it's like pure terror.

Parker: Maggie's the most honest person we know, but besides that, she's okay.

Eliot: I think I found the bomb.
Hardison: What does it look like? Red wires, blue wires?
Eliot: Booooom!

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Oh damn.. and I had two of those fallen phrases done, too!
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I for distracted by work n stuff ;_; I don't deal well with deadlines..
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These where evil!

(had a peek at the spreadsheet. I think you forgot me!)