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Challenge 31; Help me Out!

Challenge 31; Help me Out!

Your Challenge Help me make this comm awesome by posting to your team comms, talking to each other & Suggesting challenges.

I'm so so so excited that there are 50+ members here! I wasn't expecting so many!! But i could use some help with challenge ideas (and if you have one you would like to host, i can arrange that!) and psyching up your team comms. So Suggest a challenge, make a post, make a comment!

This would be awesome. I know i'm forcing social interaction on you all, but it'll make this all the more enjoyable i'm sure.

This will be running all the way through march, so you have plenty of time, don't all post at once.

link your post/comments here!

points Max of 50 points, with:
- 5 points per challenge suggestion
- 1 point per comment to a team/nest post
- 15 points for a post to your team comm

Due Date April 24th 9pm EST time

remember! you can only earn up to 150 points per month, maximum.

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